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Medium Frame (6 5/8") Single with VSH Queen 2024

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** Shipping not available, all nucs must be picked up at our farm.**


These singles are great for beekeepers looking to keep bees in all medium 10 frame equipment and get an extra jump over a regular nuc or for and experienced beekeeper looking to expand their operation. These singles are splittable and make for a cheap way to build your numbers early in the spring. We are only doing a handful of these. 

What you get with our medium frame single:
• 6-7 frames of brood with bees
• 2-3 frames of food with bees
• Newer Frames 
• Established Laying VSH queen
• Wooden medium 6 5/8" box 




10 frame medium single box. MEDIUM FRAMES ONLY. Mixture of plastic frames and wood with plastic foundation. Pick up availability will be in the order that we receive payment and will start as early as we can possibly get singles out (most likely early May depending on the weather). All orders must be paid in full to reserve your spot. Shipping not available, all singles must be picked up at our farm. These singles will have Varroa-Sensitive Hygienic (VSH) Queens, 9 or 10 frames containing brood, honey, pollen, and space for them to draw comb.